A little of my story & recovery philosophy

After years of self destruction in the form of suicide attempts and alcohol abuse on 7/29/11 I hit rock bottom and decided that my life would be significantly improved through sobriety. Since that day I have maintained 100% sobriety and have dedicated my life to equipping others with the tools to achieve the same.

While at a 12 step facility I realized that the 12 step approach was neither going to help me stay sober or attain the goals I wanted to achieve in life. While there i searched for another way and found it in the form of SMART recovery and cognitive behavioral sciences.

While 12step is the prevailing method of recovery it is not because of its success rate, it is mostly due to establishment rules and funding. Infact statistics indicate that a addict going through 12 step for the first time has between a 95% and 99% chance of relapse. The prevelance of relapse in 12 step is so frequent it is actually considered part of recovery.

Given the amount of success i had, being part of the 1% that achieve long term sobriety on my first try, i have decided to spread the information and tools that I used to get sober and that is what this website is about.

Some of the most important realities I preach to clients are:

Addiction is not a life long disease but something we emerge from stronger on the otherside.

The time you have sober is insignificant in comparision to what you have done with that time.

It is said that development stops the day we start to use and thus we must catch up to the world and how old we are really. Catching up on the X years we have missed out with cannot be done over night, but it will be done more quickly than X years if you want it to.

There is and always will be a good reason to use, you need to find a better one not to.