Privet Client Services

I work with the members of the intervention to draw up an intervention plan. A large part of this is writing down concerns and putting them into constructive and caring language. I like to focus on clients positive aspects that have been distorted by use rather than using accusatory statements in an attempt to shame the client and coerce them into recovery. I offer services to both travel to the disired venue for the intervention, facilitate the intervention and escort the client to the agreed upon facility if requested.

Gather information and give input on what the family and client feel would be the appropriate strategy to long term sobriety and recommend a personal treatment plan and facility if needed.

At the intervention, while talking to the client and family, I asses where the client is in recovery and relay this information to the facility to help them personalize treatment.

Prep the client for treatment- I find the client is much more receptive to treatment when given information about what they are going to experience (this is usually done on the trip to the facility). Showing up to a facility and not knowing what to expect can be very intimidating and make the first few days far less effective as the client is "dazed and confused" just adjusting to a new environment.

Facility Services

Run life skills meetings including but not limited to, effective communication, finances, and philosophy. I find preparing them to the fullest extent to return to the real world is very useful.

Run SMART meetings.

One on One counseling & Sobriety Coaching

Intervention Services

Being sober is about allot more than just stopping the problem behavior and with this in mind there are many things that can be done in order to help people integrate back into society to help their chances at success.

Giving clients hands on work to give them a vested interest in sobriety.

Guiding clients in formulating a personal philosophy.

Helping the client set life goals and making an action plan both short and long term.

Many clients are ill prepared to live in the world sober as a normal individual so I do offer to "checkup" on them and help them get settled in their new place.

I was a financial planner for 7 years at Goldman Sachs. Given the background I have a strong understanding of finances and helping both corporate and individual clients. I have done everything from reviewing company compensation plans to setting up investment portfolios for individual clients. These skill are very usefull considering many in early sobriety are unable to tackle these matters from an adult prospective and I feel that equipping them with basic, intermediate, and advanced skills is very useful.

Design and implement SMART/CBT programs in facilities.

Educate staff on the SMART approach and stages of change model stressing the importance of identifying the clients stage and developing a personalized treatment program.

Having been through the recovery process i know first hand how expensive of an endeavor it is. With this in mind I work my best with all parties to make my services as affordable as possible. I do not want financial limitations to be a reason for not attaining sobriety.


The importance of an intervention cannot be overstressed. As the problem behavior does not just affect the client but eveeryone they interact with it is very important for those people to be heard so they can be on the journey too. It is extremely helpfull not only to want to help the addict, but also to know how to help both them and yourself. The journey to sobriety can be both long and hard and, as a love one, being prepared for that journey is important for both the addict and yourself.